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We create different tails' styles to add a special touch to your outfit. We are proud to offer 100% customer satisfaction.

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Each design is careful craftsmanship, and selects fabrics for best quality.


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Mermaid Fantasy Dream is dedicated to create the most beautiful swimming suit designs. Each one is careful craftsmanship, and selects fabrics for best quality. Each design is impeccable fit give it an undeniable haute couture feels. Mermaid has over 35 years as designer and dressmaking. We create any swimming suit for kids and adults, any swimming suit of your dreams we will make come true.
We offer a trendy and unique selection couture swimwear from bikinis, beach cover-ups, to one-piece swimming suit.
We offer a fun, playful, and trendy designs for boys and girls. Our swimming suits and tail's detail are hand-crafted detail, enhanced fit for best look and comfort. Tail fish's embellishment is carefully designed to attach or remove at your entire desire for best fit.
The tail fish are created to help you to stand comfortable in the pool, and the feet could not have problem to swim. These fashionable swimming designs are distinguish from other due the special "mermaid" embellish design that you and your kids will love it. Each design is custom make, tailored to fit according to your body.
Mermaid Fantasy Dream is committed to dressmaking, tailor with the highest standards for quality, originality and creativity. We are focus in little details to fulfill your expectations. You as customer are our priority.

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At Mermaid Fantasy Dream, we don’t just offer quality-made bathing suits—we offer the opportunity for our customers to live out their dreams in a beautiful, surreal, and one-of-a-kind mermaid tail. And don’t forget, we also offer regular bathing suits in the exact same materials as our mermaid tails. That means you’ll have the ability to mix-and-match your swim wear whenever you go out for some fun in the sun!

If you have any questions about our products and available materials, please give us a call today at (214)846-9481. Ordering a mermaid bathing suit has never been easier!